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A trip to wonderland is a rough task. That is why for the trip to the Dominican Republic, Malik Travel has shown a range of affordable flights to book online.


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Traveling in 2021 has become a hazard for everyone. Whether you are trying to meet your sick cousin or seeking suitable job opportunities, COVID 19 restrictions have limited the exploring tendency of yours. It is hard to find the best places to visit as well as to identify a trustworthy website to book flights online. This is the reason why Malik Travel is reliably offering facilities like booking flights online to the Dominican Republic.

Before going into the details of flights going to Dominican Republic, let’s dive into the introduction and attractions of this beautiful country.


Dominican Republic – Malik Travel’s Enticing Flight Sight in Caribbean

Dominican Republic is a visionary region in the Caribbean. This place has a history of European colonization and French rule. Its tropical rainforest climate has illustrated the change like cold, warmth, and snow. If anyone is considering the flights for traveling to the Dominican Republic, then it is good to know the weather details. The Dominican Republic Malik Travel website also comprises a low season and high season schedule. August is known to be the hottest months while January and February are cooler. On rare occasions, snowfall is also observed. The highest peak in the Dominican Republic is called Pico Duarte with a height of 10,164 feet. The rainfall period on the northern coast usually starts in November and ends in January. The other regions enjoy this weather from May to the month of November. After every couple of years, cyclones and hurricanes also hit this country. For Dominican Republic trips, it is best to know the natural disaster predictions and the destruction caused by the last event.

Economy, Geography and Society

Its currency’s name is Dominican Peso and has the value of 50.08 per dollar from September 2018. Dominican Republic Malik Travel flight details are also displayed on the basis of different currencies.

It is also known as the most traveled place in the Caribbean. Tourists love the geographical diversity like mountains and lakes. Some transportation modes, other than airplanes, are the buses, national trunk highways for connecting major towns and metro in the capital city. Since the Trujillo era, people are observing the unreliability of the electric supply. The tourist, business, healthcare, and travel areas have better electricity conditions while some regions have quite old equipment. After booking the flights from the Dominican Republic Malik Travel web page, you will surely get the places with good facilities.

Dominican Republic travel guidelines also encompass the knowledge of languages. The majority of the population in this country speaks Spanish. Its local variant has its own title called Dominican. it is influenced by the African languages as well as indigenous Caribbean languages. French and English are mandatory languages in school systems. The minorities are the Haitian immigrants and their families so the language they speak is Haitian Creole. Dominicans are also devoted to English because of their ties to the USA. There is also a minor percentage of Arabic and Italian speakers. The majority of the population follows Christianity but the country also grants religious freedom. For Dominican Republic Malik Travel flight details, you can also change the languages on the website.


3 Best Dominican Republic travel Destinations

Amber Museum of Puerto Plata


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Amber Museum of Puerto Plata


Just like the color Amber, its gem is also vivacious and this country knows how to preserve it. Amber Museum of Puerto Plata has the finest collection of Amber specimens. They mostly are the fossilized fauna and flora. The building of the museum is Victorian styled. There are also gift shops nearby which comprise of the beautiful variety of amber jewelry.

Currently, amber has become a business booster for the Dominican Republic. There are lots of amber pieces there which also have trapped animals like big lizards. This is because the amber is formed when tree sap fossilizes.


Damajaqua Waterfalls


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Damajaqua Waterfalls


One of the best reasons to travel to the Dominican Republic is Damajaqua Waterfalls. It is a mesmerizing tourist attraction because of the rock pools and a range of 27 waterfalls. The visitors also love to have a jeep tour which eventually makes their experience more thrilling.

This region’s slippery rocks are a bit of an issue for younger kids and elders. The overall tour will encompass cliff jumping, sliding, and climbing which require extra care. Anyone who is visiting should not forget to bring intense bug killers as well as waterproof cameras. Other must-haves include a life jacket, water shoes, and helmets.


Playa Dorada


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Playa Dorada


This beach is one of the well-known places in Puerto Plata. It is surrounded by lots of hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. The uniqueness of this beach is the white sand that makes it even more prominent. It is also ideal for clear sunshine.

There are also other water sports to relish like fishing, windsurfing, and snorkeling. You will find lots of shops to buy and eat snacks under the golden sunshine.


You can view this link for Dominican Republic travel restrictions 2021 for COVID 19. However, kindly wear a mask and use the sanitizer for health care. For Dominican Republic Malik Travel flight details, please visit the official Malik Travel’s website.


Madrid and Santo Domingo, Capital of Dominican Republic – Malik Travel Flight Details

The distance between Madrid, the capital of Spain, and Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, is 6,692 km. The average one side flight duration to the airport is 8 hours and 50 minutes.


From Madrid to Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic Malik Travel Costs of Flights

Low Season Flight Price Starts from 625 euros

This amount for Dominican Republic Malik Travel low season flight prices when converted into Pakistani rupees, is almost 114216. The US dollar conversion is almost 747.


Mid-Season Flight Price Starts from 795 euros

When this amount is converted into US dollars for Dominican Republic Malik Travel mid-season flights, it will be almost 950. The Pakistani rupees amount is nearly 145308.



High Season Flight Price Starts from 910 euros

Pakistani rupees conversion results almost 166327 and the US dollar amount is almost 1088.



The cheapest or most affordable range of Dominican Republic Malik Travel flight costs, listed on the website, is observed in the low season. This is the time when the weather is a bit harsh like heavy rains and hurricanes. There are also higher temperatures and heavy Caribbean storms that affect the Dominican Republic. There is a high availability of flight seats and market prices of majority of the products are lowered. The tourists can enjoy the affordable hotel rooms too. High season, on the other hand, is the most crowded and definitely the expensive choice for travelers. This season is filled with festivals like Dominican Carnivals and Barceló Desalia.

For booking flights on Malik Travel website, the procedure just involves the selection of the origin, destination, number of passengers and date range. The web form is easy to fill and the request proceeds within seconds. You can ultimately view the Dominican Republic Malik Travel webpage for complete details of flights, like times, seat availabilities and prices.