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No doubt, this country is a wonderland and an interesting place as well. Before booking online on Malik Travel website and hoping in your fave airplane, consider 5 free things to do in Pakistan.


Look Around


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No one is charging you for looking unless you start staring. Sit at a side near a riverside or on grass and dig into deep thought. It is a perfect time to explore yourself and stay quiet for a longer period. Nobody is going to disturb you. This is one of the free things to do in Pakistan. You can even sit idle for hours. Choosing a park is also fine. Start wandering as well. Explore what gems this country is offering to the world. There are many sites like beautiful people. It is amazing to watch the old generation, they have a special calmness. You can walk on the streets. While doing that, you will observe the different transportation means. For example, the yellow and black taxis. There are also rickshaws, the smaller vehicles that can carry more than one person. Brougham or Taanga is still a carriage in Pakistan. You will also find beautiful gypsies. They are usually not rich and are found driving the Taanga. There is also an opportunity for tourists to look around the bazaar or open-air market. No one is going to judge you over there. You will find lots of gift shops, brand products, and handcrafted items. Such free things to do in Pakistan result in amusement which is incomparable.


Visit a Mosque


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Wazir Khan Mosque


Muslims are lucky to have mosques. These are the places to worship Allah Almighty. The concept of religious values and respect is quite similar to Churches and Temples. Mosques remain open all the time. They are not bound for praying five times a day. The prime purpose of these sacred places is to shelter people who love to worship. Mosques have many facilities like water, fans or air coolers, roof, prayer mats, and Holy Quran. Its audience should follow the rules of cleanliness and avoid being loud. Muslims admire visiting mosques even the time is not of prayer. They read Holy Quran or praise Allah Almighty. Mosques welcome everyone. Even non-Muslims and tourists can have a spiritual time without any charges. This is one of the free things to do in Pakistan. Mosques do not charge entry fees and even the use of water, as well as other basic facilities, are free of cost. Visitors can also take pictures. Once you are inside, just sit for a while. You will enjoy a unique breeze on the clean floor of the mosque. Another one of the free things to do in Pakistan is to learn the method of prayer and study Islam.


Have a Conversation


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Be thankful for living in a world where no one charges you for talking. Having a conversation is not always boastful or a wastage of time. It actually leads to a lot of information and solutions. We can often help someone just by listening to their stories. The conversation also improves your communication skills and hence makes you an expert in critical thinking. One of the free things to do in Pakistan is talking to someone. You can choose any person but make sure not to force your decision. If you are a man then choose a male of the same age. This will assist you in bonding quickly. Start with the business ideas and culture of Pakistan. Lots of Pakistani men love food, make sure to include this topic in discussion. Talking to an old man is highly valuable. Pakistani old generation is filled with wisdom and tricks. Talk on fundamental life ethics and the significance of a family. Females are not very friendly in this country. If you find one, keep in your lane of respect and display professionalism. It is perfect to talk about the country’s fashion and trends. You might get invited for dinner by any of your new friends. These are the enjoyable free things to do in Pakistan.


Help Someone


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Kindness also does not cost anything. You will definitely get rewards one way or the other. There is also comfort in making needy people happy. These are one of the free things to do in Pakistan. Now, there is confusion in your mind that how helping a poor person is free of money. Remember one fact that help does not revolve around bucks. You can do a lot more. For example, helping an old person walk, assisting a kid in carrying weight, and giving seats to females. A bit of extensive work is required in charity effort. You, as a tourist, can do that job as well. For instance, if there is already such a program running, get involved in collecting money. You can also do the promotion. Ask your friends or family member to help too. Also, assist in distribution. Other free things to do in Pakistan include stopping a fight. Offer water to laborers. You can even spread some water at an appropriate place for birds.


Explore Holy Quran


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Holy Quran is the Pillar of Islam and the entire Muslim nation respects this sacred book. Every household owns at least one. We already mentioned that these books are available in mosques. Even you can ask the locals to provide you free of charge. Reading and exploring Holy Quran is one of the free things to do in Pakistan. The reason why this book is so significant is because of the life lessons. It does not just encompass the praise of Allah Almighty. There are lots of stories of Prophets. Even you can find the facts about the stars and moon. Although this book is centuries old, it made some predictions that are proving right. The language is also comfortable to recite.