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Happy Ramadan 2021!

This Holiest month is currently upon Muslims around the globe. Muslims wait the entire year to celebrate healthy eating festivities. Ramadan also elevates spiritual growth. This celebration leads to the need for iftar food variety at the sunset. Hence, there are lots of online searches for iftar dishes and their recipes. This article illuminates the best iftar dishes in different countries, rich in both taste and outlook.

Before reading this iftar dishes list, make sure to review the ingredients carefully while searching their recipes online. Most of the dishes are cooked in both halal and non-halal ways.


Ghilafi Kebabs from Pakistan


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Pakistan is a well-known Islamic state and the natives cook delicious iftar meal varieties. If you admire the nutritious capabilities of the meat, then you will definitely love Ghilafi Kebabs. The word Ghilafi is derived from the Ghilaf which in the Urdu language is used to covering. If you dive into the literal meaning of this word, then it really covers the identity of its ingredients. Thus forming into the shaped mixture.

This iftar dish has savory ingredients like meat, green chili, garlic, bread, ginger, capsicum, tomato, cream, and nuts. Salt and spice quantity is adjusted according to the taste. Ghilafi Kebabs’ preparation merely includes chopping, mincing, molding, and refrigerating. Once stiffened, the deep fry step gives a more cooked taste to the dish.


Gambas al Ajillo from Spain


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The heart of southern and central Spain lies in Gambas al Ajillo. Being one of the best iftar dishes in Ramadan, the seafood enhances its taste quality.  It comprises of halal ingredients which attract the iftar meal plans of Muslims. The literal meaning of the term Gambas al Ajillo is garlic shrimp which pretty much defines the recipe. It is easy to make and requires hardly 10 minutes of yours.

Prefer taking larger and meaty shrimps along with garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, paprika, and lemon juice. Marinate the shrimps and meanwhile, cook the sauce. Refrain from browning the garlic and add the shrimps. For some citrus punch, add some lemon juice. The end result will perfectly décor your iftar table.


Mandi from Saudi Arabia


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The Arab treasury, cars and fanciness, all remind you of Saudi Arabia. Being notable as a rich country, its abundance is also seen in food. One of the famous iftar food items is Mandi. The word Mandi is related to the Arabic term Nada, which means dew. This is depicted in the dewy texture of meat. It is also famous in other Arab countries as one of the best iftar dishes.

Mandi has some typical Middle East and South Asian ingredients like onions, tomatoes, green chilies, ginger, garlic, oil, butter, and salt. First, prepare the spice powder by heating some spice ingredients and then grinding them. The next step involves the preparation of a puree. Afterwards, cook and bake the chicken. It is usually eaten with nicely smoked rice. One of the best iftar dishes, Mandi has its detailed recipe in this link.


Curry Prawns from Indonesia


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Curry dish varieties are commonly found in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The sauce made from hot spices gives a very colorful look and taste. Indonesian curry prawns are usually cooked with coconut milk. This dish is also known in other counties like Thailand among the best iftar dishes. The easy preparation and halal ingredients make this dish the best iftar menu. It is healthy and is served with boiled rice.

You just have to gather some onions, shrimps, chili paste, garlic cloves, fish paste, bay leaves, and coconut milk. Use a food processor to blend some of these ingredients, heat a few spices, add coconut milk, and cook the prawns. You require hardly an hour for the whole procedure.


Arroz Caldo from the Phillipines


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Porridge apparently seems a lightweight child food but variety of a healthy ingredients can step its game up. This chicken rice porridge needs less than an hour to demonstrate its taste and beauty. The end result is simple and easy to swallow feature makes it one of the best iftar dishes.

You should first collect ingredients like onions, olive oil, garlic, ginger, chicken, wings, fish sauce, chicken broth, glutinous sweet rice, and lemon. Initiate with heating the oil, adding items like onions, and then cooking the chicken. Prepare rice by adding broth and constantly stirring. You can garnish the simplicity with green onion, lemon slices, fish sauce, and boiled eggs. For the detailed recipe for this best iftar meal in the world, view this link.


Dolma from Turkey


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Originated from the Turkish word Dolmak, it means ‘to be filled’. Among the healthy iftar recipes, Dolma is a perfect mixture of warm spices and fresh herbs. It also has a vegetarian option. The preparation procedure can turn into a fun bit. They are usually made for family gatherings and the cooks can enjoy the time making them. While stuffing and rolling leaves, you can either share memories or recite some Holy verses.

Start with the grape leaves, the most preferable form is the jarred one. Rinse and drain. Make the stuffing of your choice ready. You can add cooked rice, chopped fresh herbs, and cooked ground beef. Roll and assemble them in the cooking pot. Add boiled water and cover the pot with a lid. After a while, pour some lemon juice and cook again. Eat the end result as it is or serve the Dolma as a side dish.


Chicken Rice Soup from Morocco


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Another chicken and rice combo show how much Muslims love to eat healthily. Morocco has a touch of many cultures like Arab, African, and Mediterranean. This place is also religiously appreciated. The Muslims living there enjoy the blends of food. Moroccan chicken rice soup has one of the easiest and nutritious iftar dish recipes.

This link says it all. It is suitable for the winter Ramadan and also for the daytime meal. Who knows you might end up dripping bread slices into the soup. For preparation, collect oil, onions, garlic, carrots, chicken, flour, curry powder, ground cumin, and more of the items listed in the link. Cook the veggies first and then add some spices. Meanwhile, also dust the chicken with flour before its inclusion in the main pan. Cook other ingredients by inserting the pan and voila! Enjoy one of the best iftar dishes.


Dahi Bhaley from India


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Dahi Bhale, Dahi Bhalla, Dahi Bhallay, they all are the same. Being famous street food, it is loved not only in India but also in Pakistan. It illustrates a mixture of tastes. Salty, spicy, and a bit sweet, this is listed among the best iftar dishes. Most of the households keep it as a side dish.

The cooking starts with the overnight soaking of urad daal. Afterwards, grind the daal and add some ingredients like green chilies, salt, and ginger. You can also add spices and nuts. Then start frying the batter to form crispy bhallas. Pour yogurt in the end dish and sprinkle more spices for garnishing. Serve it chill or even hot.


Adas from Palestine


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Shorbet adas or lentil soup has flavorful connection with the Palestinian kitchen. Amid COVID 19 and the war situation, Muslims of Palestine never fail to praise Allah with fasting. Its culture is very much related to the neighboring countries like Syria and Lebanon along with Arab roots. Palestinian Adas are well-known for iftar just hummus and falafel.

This dish is also related to winters just with the exception of summer Ramadan. Sometimes, it is served in the daily Ramadan meal. Adas is also observed in the best iftar recipes list because of its root in authentic Levantine culture. The procedure includes the basic lentil flavor with the sourness of lemon. Cumin is added for spice and turmeric helps in giving a bright look. A step of roasting onions in oil is also involved. The complete Adas recipe is on this webpage.


Patatas Bravas from Spain


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The cubic spicy potatoes are best as iftar snacks. They are a kind of tapas, also consumed as appetizers. This simple dish just includes the potatoes and the sauce. In case you are willing to travel to Spain for enjoying the true taste, you can comfortably book flights online.

Buy the required potatoes, peel, rinse and cut into bite-sized pieces. Heat the olive oil in the skillet and pre-cook potatoes for a couple of minutes. Cool in the fridge and fry again till crispy. Serve with the pouring of bravas sauce, if not you can also use tomato sauce. The taste portrays that it is amongst the best iftar dishes in the world.


Nafaqo from Somalia


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Also known as kebabs, Nafaqo is the famous dish of Somalia. The mixture of eggs and potatoes gives a softened texture. This healthy dish is used both as a main and as a side dish. The South Asian countries like Pakistan also relish its varieties along with gravy.

Direction starts with the boiling of eggs as well as potatoes. Mash the boiled potatoes with some spices. Try flattening the heaps of mashed potatoes in your hands to add an egg in the center. After the shape is ready, roll the balls into the breadcrumbs. Fry to form the perfect Nafaqo. Click this link for viewing the recipe. 


Fruit Chaat from Pakistan


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Fruit Chaat or Fruit Salad is a fully nutritious meal for Ramadan. Almost every household in Pakistan prefers this salad as a side dish in Ramadan. It is often sold in restaurants or as street food. The name clearly specifies the presence of healthy fruits.

Fruit Chaats often comprise of non-fruit ingredients like chickpeas and cream. Sweet liquids like juices help to mix and eat salad well. Some Pakistani cooks live to give it a bit spicy taste. The most common fruits used are apples, bananas, grapes, and guavas.


Shakshuka from North Africa


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The egg-friendly iftar recipes demonstrate that eggs are not just for breakfasts. Shakshuka is not only notable in North Africa but is also admired by the Arab and Israeli culture. It has a smooth flavor of simmered onions and tomatoes. The gently poached eggs are soft and nutritious, perfect to be consumed via spoon, fork, or pita.

It has a blend of other ingredients as well like red bell peppers, garlic cloves, paprika, cumin, chili powder, salt, and pepper. Cook the bell pepper, onions, garlic, and spices in the heated oil. Add tomatoes and break down leading to the simmer step. Crack the eggs into the pan and cover. After a few minutes you will have the flawless Shahshuka ready to eat.


Harees from the United Arab Emirates


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You should definitely include Harees in your iftar dishes ideas. This Ramadan special food has the healthiest combo of chicken and wheat. It is also rich in fiber hence suitable for losing weight. Moreover, its consumption can also lead to strong bones and teeth.

You require several ingredients like barley, ginger, garlic, green chili, lemon juice, haleem masala, and coriander leaves. Boil the soaked wheat and barley. Create its thick paste via blender. Add shredded chicken to the mixture and cook for a few minutes.


Fatteh from Egypt


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A flavorful Egyptian and Levantine dish, also known as Fata, Fatta, Fattah, or Fette. Its place of origin is not just Egypt but also Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine. This dish is more of a beefy rice meal, also served with tomato sauce and pita.

You can start cooking Fatteh by boiling the meat. Some veggie ingredients are carrots, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. Don’t forget to buy bay leaves, sugar, salt, pepper, and cardamom. You can click this link for the detailed recipe.

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