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Traveling in the pandemic era.

Things are getting out of hand since the beginning of 2020. First the Australian bushfire and then the pandemic. The world is isolating even on St Patrick’s Day. Millions of people are affected by COVID 19. This change has ultimately brought some limitations to world trips. Most of the travel destinations are facing lockdown. Travelers are extra conscious about health now while booking flights online.

Despite all this, people are still finding recreational spots for their tours. Booking flights, taking selfies, and trying out various eateries, nothing has stopped. So, we decided to write brief reviews of the 20 top travel destinations of 2020 and 2021. Read the article below to know the attractions and restrictions of the selected destinations.


7 Top Travel Destinations of 2020

The Greek Islands


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First of the top travel destinations is Greece. It has thousands of beautiful islands. Crede, being the largest, is also the home of ancient harbors. Corfu has its own charm in pebbly coves and sandy stretches. The colorful harbors of Symi glow in yellow and pink colors. Kos is the region of Greek and Turkish eateries, registering itself as top travel destinations.

Entire Greece was regulated with strict COVID 19 restrictions in 2020. Quarantine measures were taken and places were very less crowded. According to Fahrinisa’s article on the Greece tour in 2020, people weren’t talking much to each other. Lockdown was lifted on May 4 but still, things were not getting normal to travel in 2020. The writer stated that there were many foreign visitors returning to Santorini. Some people stayed away because of economic hardship and the fear of virus.


Jaisalmer, India


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This city in Rajasthan is known to be the historic medieval trading center. Mid-March and September are considered the best months to visit Jaisalmer. This is to avoid the heat of summer desert. It has a focal point in the form of a sandstone fort. For foreigners, the ticket cost is nearly 250 rupees which are quite affordable. Some other tourist attractions include Jain temples, Havelis, and Bada Bagh.

The first COVID 19 case in Rajasthan was observed in March 2020. By 17 April, Jaisalmer became one of its hotspot districts. It all started when an Italian tourist was tested positive. Since he was enjoined with a group, all hotels in Rajasthan were sanitized. Cases were still observed throughout the year.


Lille, France


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The intense relationship between art and history lies in the veins of Lille. This city has numerous monuments as top travel destinations. Lille’s Grand Palace is a hustle-bustle area filled with cafes. It is accompanied by Vieille Bourse which was established in 1652. Vielle surrounds an arcaded courtyard, which is a market of used books. Another prominent name is the Fine Arts Museum or Palais des Beaux-Arts. The art collection in this museum encompasses amazing French paintings. If the tourists love to examine antique collections then they will also relish this place.

Amid pandemic in 2020, Lille still lied in top travel destinations. Tourists and natives were requested to take safety measures like wearing masks. In this article, the writer has included images relevant to the 2nd wave of coronavirus. This article also shows an image of police officers patrolling near restaurants. Meanwhile, people are protecting against the new sanitary measures by the French government. These actions were created to stop the coronavirus disease in Lille.

People were also suggested to remain cautious during gatherings. France was surely one of the victims that hit harder in terms of disease.


Montreux, Switzerland


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Montreux, one of the top travel destinations, is the heart and shore of cultural attractions. Lakeside resort and sporting activities have enticed renowned visitors. It has a natural dilemma in the form of the Promenade. This natural area is best to visit during spring days. The amazing blossoms between Clarens and the Chateau de Chillon attract tourists the most. Lantern Trail of Les Pleiades is an unusual choice but surely lightening. Travel there during winters and ride on a train to view this trail. Another place to enjoy in spring is Narcissus. It has a trial of beautiful floral varieties.

Starting from February, Switzerland also observed multiple cases and imposed COVID 19 restrictions. The surging number of cases resulted in the closure of restaurants in late 2020. According to this article released in December 2020, the Swiss health minister’s cautionary opinion was opposite than earlier that month. The minister suggested keeping the Swiss resorts open. For this purpose, safety measures are necessary. Some measures are wearing masks, proper hygiene, and social distancing. This decision was in contrast with the other European nations.


Ibiza, Spain


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Ibiza is the land of leather jewelry and hammocks. Being in the Mediterranean Sea, It has lots of natural earth-friendly offers. A bit smaller in size, Ibiza is fully packed with attractive sights. One of its top travel destinations of Ibiza is Ibiza Town. It has world-class restaurants in the historic section. The Extension has newer buildings. You can easily book boats or yachts online via EivipYachts to surf the waters. Sant Josep de sa Talaia is an unusual sight of Ibiza. It is close to extinct volcanos and depicts amazing scenes like Salines Nature Park. You can also relax on sandy shorelines at Cala Comte. Sant Antoni de Portmany is a nightlife destination. There are cafes with a view of the sunset.

Jennifer O'Mahony's article published in late June 2020 stated the restarting of travel. The government implemented the COVID restrictions but allowed the opening of restaurants in June. Large populated events were still banned. Small or individual-based businesses were affected like entertaining in 2020. It is known that tourists spent 17.8 billion dollars in the Balearic Islands in 2019.

Another article, published in December 2020, described the transfer of Ibiza to medium risk or level 2 category. This was eventually the good news for the residents as the number of cases decreased. The obligatory steps for travel include the negative PCR test, 72 hours before the time of arrival. Another obligation is to wear masks and use sanitizers.




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Egypt is an ancient wonderland. That yellow desert with many pyramids and temples is the soul of this country. Its fashion past and millennial masterpieces are admired by the tourists. Valley of the Kings is just one of its many top travel destinations. This valley has desert hills and undiscovered tombs. There are chances that these tombs have ancient treasures. Built-in the 20th century is the Egyptian museum. This museum has 120000 artifacts which is the biggest pharaonic number. Hurghada Grand Aquarium in Egypt is not like usual aquariums. There is a fossil exhibit with a mini zoo. The amazing fact about the aquarium is that it is entirely water. How can we forget pyramids? Giza pyramids are one of the towering historic architectures. The Pyramid of Cheops has a height of 450 feet. It is estimated that the current price of building such pyramids is 5 billion dollars.

The tourism industry of Egypt was also hit last year because of the pandemic. According to Yolande in July 2020, the Giza pyramid site was reopened in the before mentioned month. In this article, Ashraf Nasr, who offers camel rides to visitors, said that a camel eats 100 Egyptian pounds a day. He sold a few of his animals to feed his family. A tour guide named Shahenda Adel lost 1000 bookings because of travel restrictions. During the days when this article was published, many flights were also resumed.


Costa Rica


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Cloud forests, Pacific coasts, and river valleys, these views are of Costa Rica. With a very interesting name, this place has natural wonders of Central American country. Monteverde Cloud Forest's area is 10500 hectares with thousands of plants and animal species. More than 70000 people visit this region every year. Costa Rica is also the house of the world's most important volcano called Arenal Volcano. It is flawlessly cone-shaped and was liked even thousands of years ago, making it to the top travel destinations.

In August 2020. Costa Rica’s international airports were reopened for tourists. It all started back in March 2020, when a woman from the United States of America was infected with the virus.


7 Top Travel Destinations of 2021

Bodrum, Turkey


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It is Turkey’s vibrant coast. With lots of ancient attractions, it is the best place and among the top travel destinations to become photogenic. One must-see area is Underwater Archeology Museum. Even if you are not fond of antiques, you will still be mesmerized by artifacts’ organization. Then there is the Glass Wreck Hall, containing a thousand-year-old wrecked ship. Bodrum theatre with the view of mountains looks extraordinary. It has 13,000 spectators and is used for various events. The most interesting area is the old town. White cottages and narrow pedestrian alleyways have their own vibes. You can sit in cafes or explore the cute boutiques as the top travel destinations.

An article demonstrates the good hopes regarding Turkey’s tourism in 2021. The government is expecting a better year than 2020 by means of strict hygiene measures. Erkan Yağcı, the chairperson of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers’ Association (AKTOB), is ready for the season. The chairperson decided to welcome the guests within the framework of measures taken.

The writer also elaborated that due to the second wave last year, new restrictions were introduced and the tourist number dropped. According to the official data, 72% was the drop in January. Only 509,787 tourists visited the country.


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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Addis Ababa is among museum-friendly top travel destination. It is host to lots of popular names like Ethnological Museum, National Museum, ‘Red Terror’ Martyrs Memorial Museum, and Addis Ababa Museum. Some painful memories are seen in Derg Monument. It is the memorial of soldiers involved in the Ogaden War. There are relief walls on the sides, one tall pillar, and a statue.

An article published at the beginning of March 2021 stated some airport restrictions. International ports of entry will operate at reduced levels. The travelers older than 10 years should have a negative COVID-19 test result, taken not more than 120 hours before arrival. There is a mandatory self-quarantine time of seven days. For the passengers with transit layovers of above 24 hours will stay in the transit hotel. The rule for diplomats is a bit different. They can just observe nearly 14 days of self-isolations.


Chiapas, Mexico


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Natural wonders like Mayan ruins are the main attractions of Chiapas. You can show the mood for local food in the weekly market. Being one of the top travel destinations, its smell, and cultural sights will never let you go. Palenque’s stonework and relief art are the symbols of its impressive ruins. Tourists can explore the hieroglyphic inscriptions depicting Mayan history.

The quoted article is the description of the current pandemic regulations to travel in 2021. Regarding the safety of Mexico, the writer has discouraged the idea of touring anywhere in the country. It is better to stick to the tourist paths because Mexico has spent lots of money to make it to the top travel destinations.


Hokianga, New Zealand


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When you go to Hokianga, there are lots of forests to explore, Omahuta Forest, Puketi Forest, and Waipoua Forest. The last-mentioned forest comprises of towering trees and never-before-seen birds. Among its top travel destinations, the highway is surrounded by natural décor like ferns. It also has the country’s largest tree known as the kauri tree which is still growing. Another ancient tree is Te Matua Ngahere which is almost 3000 years old. Being one of the top travel destinations, it has also some other attractions in Hokianga like Clendon House, Trounson Park, and Amazing Hedge Maze.

According to April 2021’s article, the governments of New Zealand and Australia are lifting some flights for travel restrictions. There will be no strict quarantine. The leaders are also hoping to enhance the arrangements.

Another article stated that since March 2020, New Zealand maintained some strict travel instructions. There are 14 days of mandatory quarantine. The travelers are allowed to join the community after the negative test results.

Considering all these circumstances, the travel must go on. The appropriate procedure is to follow all COVID 19 restrictions in order to save yours and others life. Book flights on Malik Travel website, wear a mask, keep using the sanitizer and avoid physical interactions.


Lahore, Pakistan


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Among the many top travel destinations of Pakistan, Lahore is the metropolitan city. It is widely known as the cultural and modern fusion. There are technological towers, diverse restaurants as well as historical buildings. It is also very populated and also one of the top travel destinations of Pakistan. Tourists usually visit the restaurants for traditional food like kebabs, handi, and fried rice dishes. Some of the popular tourist sites are Baadshahi Mosque and Minar-e-Pakistan. There are also huge shopping malls like Emporium mall where people love to shop for popular brands. There are also mosques inside the malls as well as the eateries of different restaurants.

Being a central business hub, Lahore is also following restrictions in order to eliminate COVID 19. The gathering is highly discouraged and the transport system is not allowing the crowd.


Astoria, Oregon


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Astoria is known as the first city of Oregon. It has a rich history and travel-worthy spots like Sunday Market. Astoria Riverfront is one of its many top travel destinations. It stretches for few miles adjacent to the Columbia River. This riverfront also connects lots of other attractions too like restaurants. The Astoria Column spirals 125 meters into the air. It was built almost 100 years ago. The telescope at the top is useful for giving a view of the Columbia River. Downtown Astoria is all filled with shops, galleries, and restaurants, making it a beautiful small town. Another attraction is Fort Stevens State Park. It has a military history. Today, more than 4000 acres of land is natural space and also used for recreation purposes, making it to the top travel destinations.

This article demonstrates the difficulties business owners are facing during COVID. Released in February this year, businessman Michael Angiletta is demanding an answer from Oregan's health leaders in the content. He said that his customers are not being able to enjoy his spot in Astoria. Indoor dining is not allowed but takeout is recommended. Michael further stated that his customers are ready to visit at their own risk. There was another depiction of good news that Oregon, one of the top travel destinations, is in better condition. As compared to other states, COVID restrictions are being more effective in this area.


Rome, Italy


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Rome is the finest city with a history of 2500 years. It was known for the culture, power, and politics. Trevi Fountain is one of its many top travel destinations. They are unique because of the décor. The sculptures attract tourists from around the world. This fountain also has a tradition of throwing stones for good luck. The Spanish Steps have a number 135. At the top, there are inscriptions carved. The bottom part is filled with cafes and shops. There are also fine attractions like religious buildings near the steps. Roman Forum contains some essential Roman ruins. These ruins were once the main political sites. For the entrance, the tourists should buy tickets. In order to completely enjoy the ruins, take good time to wander.

The expectations are in May for minimizing the corona restrictions. In June, the prime minister is thinking about the opening of the tourism industry. Italy was worst affected during the pandemic. In an article, the Italian prime minister demonstrated the restarting of Italian tourism in the summer. Italian tourism minister is stressed on this topic. He said that advance measures are required for reopening areas that were hit harder.